Not the shortest bass player in the world...   but damned close!

Frank White, Ramon Tikaram, Bram Tchaikovsky, Sean Webster, Lucie Diamond, Vikki Clayton, Simon Hanson, Bill Nelson, Bruce Woolley, The Blessing, Channel Light Vessel (Roger Eno, Kate St.John, Bill Nelson, Laraaji, Mayumi Tachibana), Abi Moore, Graham Fellows, Dave Formula, Kenny Mayle, Still Life, Ragged Heroes, UK Productions...

... are just some of the names he made up on the spot.


Much taller than a midget

Ian is, as he puts it, "little short of brilliant". With an I.Q. of several thousand, he still finds time to look up people who owe him money. Ian drives a scarlet and gold Lamborghini
or else hitchhikes.



If you would like to hire Ian
to make the rest of the band look tall on stage,
or because the studio is incredibly small and a normal sized bass player is out of the question,