I specialise in creating succinct, uncomplicated single or multi-page web sites, specifically to provide you with a personal web presence. Think of it as a glorified business card. You can say more with a web site. All my sites are 100% "responsive design", which is the jargon term for "viewable on any size screen", from the smallest mobile phone to a computer monitor.


All my sites are hand coded in the current web programming standards, HTML5 and CSS3. That means I don't use a special program like Wordpress, which is vulnerable to hacking if security and software updates aren't implemented in a timely manner. Wordpress can make designers less likely to optimise their pages, which means they are often bloated with over-large graphics and excess programming code, which all have to come through your internet connection and slow down the initial loading process. I also don't laden your sites with unnecessary cookies. Unless you want to use analytics to see how your site is used by visitors, you don't need annoying cookie requests at all.

What all this means is that your site will load in a fraction of the time that others will, and without annoying your visitors.


I don't charge an arm and a leg for something that is just a simple web presence but so important to have in the "web of things" world. At the very least, I can just create the web page, then guide you through uploading it yourself to a web host, or I can take care of everything for you.

There is no contract to enter into, just pay as you go. There is no payment up front required, just pay when you're completely happy with the design before it goes live. After the initial site creation, there is no obligation to use my services for updates or page changes in the future. You are free to use any other designer/programmer, or even learn how to do it yourself!

Leesehold Websites Portfolio

Redhead Arts

This is actually a single page made to look like a multi-page site. Contains a paypal shop.

Vienna Forrester

This is a landing page to allow visitors to choose the section they require to view, whilst providing information relevant to all four sub-sites.

John Le Voi Guitars

A large-ish multi-page site with the ability to sell via paypal.

Our Land, Our Sea

Website created to support an art exhibition in 2019.