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Plans and Prices

Plan 1 - Register a Domain Name (assistance)

I can provide assistance to help you register a domain name.

This is very important because without a domain name you make it difficult to give your web address (url) to customers or friends. It's very easy to register a domain, you just have to think of a domain name to use and, if it hasn't already been used, purchase it. When you purchase a domain, it is usually for a year or two, at which point your domain comes up for renewal and will need to be paid for again. Not all domain names are equal, some cost more than others so it really depends on what you want. For example, the price of a .com domain is more than the cost of a .co.uk domain. You only have to think up the first bit of the domain, which would be yourchoice.com or yourchoice.co.uk etc. Not all companies selling domains are equal either. Some may offer cheap prices for new customers but charge more once the renewal comes up.

I recommend Hostinger for your domain name purchase because they are competitive on both initial purchase and renewal prices for domain names.

If you require help with registering a domain, this service is available, but generally, it is a very straightforward process, like buying anything online.

Plan 2a - Website only (single page)

Plan 2b - Website only (2 or more pages)

If you already have a domain name registered, have some knowledge and feel confident in arranging and maintaining a hosting account for your web page files, the simplest and most cost-efficient way to proceed is for me to code your pages and email the site files to you. Any further requirements, such as modifications or additions, can then be arranged on an ad hoc basis with myself (see plan 7) or any other organisation of your choosing.

Plan 3 - Add Hosting setup assistance

As mentioned, you will have complete control over your own accounts. With this option (if you already have a domain name registered), I can create your site files, and then talk you through creating your web hosting account (the Web Host is the company that holds your website on their computer and connects it to the internet for anyone to see). Once your web hosting account is set up, I can then upload your web site (publishing) to make it live.

I recommend Hostinger as a web host, They are very reasonably priced and allow any account holder to allow limited access to your hosting control panel for programmers to upload sites and maintain them, without allowing access to the sensitive financial information in your hosting account. This means that if you wanted to change to a different programmer, you can do so at any time. It also means that you receive notification of renewal fees or invoices for domains or hosting direct to you.

Plan 4 - Add email account setup assistance

As above but with the extra assistance in the setup of an email address using your domain name as the address. It looks more professional than using a gmail or ISP email address. It also means that your email address will remain the same for the lifetime of your domain ownership.

Plan 5 - Bundle of Plans 3 and 4

Included in setting up the hosting will be setting up email accounts too, as per plans 3 and 4.

Plan 6 - Paypal Shop assistance

It is possible to create an online shop witout the expense of a merchant bank account or creating the database for an online shop. If you have a paypal account, it is very easy to set up paypal checkout buttons to use with any product you might wish to sell on your website, and add these to your website. It's an effective system which enables your customer to pay by paypal, or debit/credit card even if they don't have Paypal accounts.

Plan 7 - Modifications or Alterations

Once your site is up and running, any changes you might want to make can be done. There is a minimum charge for this, on a per order basis (bulk changes can be made under one order), and the final cost would depend on how much change was required, which would be discussed and price agreed beforehand. For operational purposes, I can only modify sites created by Leesehold, due to the methods and software other website creators use.

Plans and Prices

Name Description Price (£‐GBP)
Plan 1 Registering a Domain (assistance) 15
Plan 2a Website only (single page) 100
Plan 2b Website only (2 or more pages) 150 (2 pages)
25 (each extra page)
Plan 3 Add Hosting setup and assistance 25
Plan 4 Add email account setup and assistance 25
Plan 5 Bundle of Plans 3 and 4 35
Plan 6 Add Shop page (extra to Plan 2 pages) and Paypal integration and assistance 50
Plan 7 Modifications or Alterations to existing "Leesehold" web pages. 35 (minimum charge)